WATCH VIDEO: Reporter Grabs Secret Service Agent By The Throat at Trump Rally in Virginia

Whoa. This reporter, holding his camera, says the agent grabbed him first, the reporter then grabs the throat of the SS agent.
Police then surround the man and take him out of the venue.
2 Videos here:

This video shows the incident up close.
Agent slams the reporter, he responds by kicking him hard

Things got out of control at a campaign rally for Donald Trump on Monday morning. During the rally at Virginia's Radford University, a journalist, who has been identified by CNN as Time photographer Chris Morris, grabbed the throat of a member of Donald Trump's Secret Service detail.

Although Morris alleges that the Secret Service agent assaulted him first, details about what preceded the altercation are sketchy. Other members of the Secret Service detail moved quickly to subdue the photographer.

The incident was caught on video by several members of the press who attended the rally, including Joe Perticone from the Independent Journal Review