VIDEO-------> RUBIO MOCKS TRUMP For Misspelled Tweets, Wetting His Pants

Rubio: He must have hired a foreign worker to do his tweets.
Wow. Take a look. This was on the campaign trail today in Dallas:

A fired-up Sen. Marco Rubio went on a tear Friday at a Dallas rally, trashing his Republican rival Donald Trump’s conservative record and mocking his trouble spelling correctly on Twitter.

“You all have friends thinking about voting for Donald Trump,” Rubio told the crowd. “Friends do not let friends vote for con artists.”

The Florida senator’s rant came one day after the GOP candidates faced off in a chaotic Republican presidential debate in which Trump fired off countless insults at Rubio and Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX).

During Friday’s rally, Rubio addressed every criticism Trump threw his way in the past 24 hours, both during the debate and online. He first turned to the real estate mogul’s notoriously off-the-cuff Twitter feed, calling him out for misspelling the words “choker,” “lightweight” and “honor.”


Marco Rubio a "Leightweight" and a "Chocker"