Trump Now Within One Point of Ted Cruz in TEXAS

Even if Ted Cruz wins Texas, there's still NO WAY he stops Trump, he's not even running ahead of Marco Rubio! Cruz has placed 3rd in the last 3 states.  It's too late to make a run. Trump is not losing steam, he's pulling away. Trump is leading in 9 of the 10 Super Tuesday states. And the fact that Cruz might win his home state of Texas? That's not news, that's expected.

Donald Trump is closing in on Sen. Ted Cruz in his home state of Texas – coming within 1 percentage point in a poll released less than a week before Super Tuesday voting.

The Emerson College survey finds Cruz with 29 percent support and Trump with 28 percent – well within the poll's margin of error of plus or minus 4.6 percent.
Here's the breakdown: 
Cruz: 29 percent
Trump: 28 percent
Marco Rubio: 25 percent
John Kasich: 9 percent
Ben Carson: 4 percent