South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley: Anyone But TRUMP

HALEY: Trump is 'everything a governor doesn't want in a president'

CBS News reported:
CHARLESTON, S.C. -- South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley says she may not endorse anyone ahead of Saturday's first-in-the-South GOP primary, but if she does, it certainly won't be Donald Trump.

Haley said Tuesday she's still trying to make up her mind. But she said Trump represents "everything a governor doesn't want in a president." On Monday, Trump said Haley's not fighting the federal government hard enough on Syrian refugees and Guantanamo detainees.

Haley says Trump doesn't know what he's talking about. She says governors want a president who will work with and fight for them, not come into their state and bash them. She called Trump's comments "quite Obama-like."

Haley also said she was embarrassed for her daughter's sake at Saturday's debate, when Trump criticized former President George W. Bush's handling of 9/11.

A new poll released this morning by ARG shows Trump +17 points ahead in South Carolina
Trump 33
Rubio 16
Cruz 14
Rubio 16
Bush 9
Carson 3