Rubio: 'You Don’t Win The Nomination By How Many States You Win' (VIDEO)

When asked about which states coming up he plans on winning, Rubio doesn't have an answer and he somehow believes that 'doing well' in states with proportional delegates will get him to the nomination. Listen at the 3:00 minutes mark

Following another 2nd place finish in the Nevada, Sen. Marco Rubio argued Wednesday that candidates don't win presidential primaries simply by winning individual states.

When asked about his loss to Donald Trump in the Nevada caucus on Tuesday on "Fox and Friends," Rubio noted that "this is an unusual election."

"And right now, what you have is a situation where Donald—the majority of the Republican electorate, the majority of Republican voters in this country do not want Donald Trump to be the nominee," Rubio said.

He said that the anti-Trump voters are "divided up" among the remaining candidates. Co-host Ashley Earhardt asked Rubio if he needs to start winning primaries in order to win the nomination.

"You don’t win the nomination by how many states you win," Rubio responded before adding that he will have to win some winner-take-all states in March.