New UMASS/7News Poll Has Trump Leading by 24 in New Hampshire

This includes reaction from Iowa-

Trump stays on top, Cruz second. Rubio up 2 points to 12%.
The big story here is Bush is going nowhere fast in New Hampshire and John Kasich, who told Hannity that he wanted to be the story coming out of New Hampshire, is at a measly 7%, down 2 points from the last poll.

MANCHESTER, N.H. (WHDH/7news) - This is what we've been waiting for - our first 7News/UMass Lowell tracking poll of New Hampshire that includes reaction to the Iowa Caucus.

It's obvious New Hampshire was watching what happened in Iowa because Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Marco Rubio have moved up.

Donald Trump is still in first place, but he's frozen at 38%. Ted Cruz is second with 14%. Marcio Rubio is third with 12%. Jeb Bush has 9% and John Kasich has 7%.

Rounding out the Republicans: Chris Christie with 6%; Ben Carson and Carly Fiorina with 3% each and Rand Paul with 2%. 6% of voters still remain undecided.

Here's where you see it: Trump is on top, but not moving. Cruz stays in second. Rubio is up two points. Jeb Bush is holding steady. John Kasich is not getting the reception he wanted. He's down two points
On the Dem side, Bernie Sanders is way out in front still at 61% and Hillary Clinton gets 32%. Only 5% of voters remain undecided.