Judge Napolitano: Hillary Clinton is a Felon and Should Be Indicted

Napolitano on Fox News

JEANINE PIRRO: Let's talk to the viewer. Let's talk to the public. They're like, "Who cares about her emails? Could you explain why these are so important?

ANDREW NAPOLITANO: These are important because they show the manner and methods by which the United States government acquires foreign intelligence. And they name the names of people who supply United States intelligence. People in foreign countries, who if their names came out, they would be dead. They name the names of American agents who work with these people, people who if their names came out would be dead.

...she has shown a cavalier attitude about preserving these secrets, which violates an oath she took when she became Secretary of State. Which violates the same federal criminal statute that was used to prosecute General Petraeus. ... Now,  ‘Why should the American public be concerned about this woman?’ Because she want’s to be the POTUS and she’s a felon and she should be indicted for it.
via newsbusters