Iraq War Veteran Brutally Beaten Outside McDonald's By Group of Black Teens Forgives His Attackers

If you don't know about this story, take 2 minutes and watch the video report from Inside Edition, they have the background, the assault, surveillance video and the Marine's take on what happened. It is brutal.

After 8 years of service and multiple deployments in Iraq, including the battle of Fallujah, Chris Marquez says he suffered his most serious injuries after being attacked outside the fast food chain in Washington D.C.  Now, 2 teens have been arrested in connection to the assault and robbery D.C. police said.

Police said a 17-year-old male and a 17-year-old female were involved in the attack. The male was charged with aggravated assault and the female was charged with robbery.

Christopher Marquez, a Bronze Star recipient, who served in the Marine Corps from 2003 to 2011, told police he was assaulted while eating at a McDonald's.

Marquez said he believes the February 12th attack was racially motivated.
The kids were asking me if I think that black lives mattered,” Marquez told the Marine Corps Times. “I was ignoring them, just because I felt intimidated. I felt how they approached me, it was very hostile. I felt they were really trying to intimidate me and just trying to start a confrontation with me.” 
One of the suspects allegedly hit Marquez with a gun after calling him a racist, according to a police report The suspects took Marquez’ wallet, identification, credit cards, debit card and about $400 in cash, the report says.