Hillary Clinton Wins Nevada Democratic Caucuses

Huge victory? Hillary wins Nevada by 4 points over Bernie Sanders in a state she previously led by 46 points.

Here are the vote totals:

Hillary Clinton will win Nevada's Democratic caucuses, NBC News projects, scoring a much-needed boost in the nomination race and depriving rival Bernie Sanders of a victory in a racially diverse state.

The loss is a blow for Sanders, who hoped to use the state's contest to prove himself as a viable candidate in a state with an electorate made up of more minority voters and fewer self-described liberals than the race's earlier contests in Iowa and New Hampshire.

In a victory speech at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas, Clinton alluded to skeptics who thought she would falter in the Silver State, praising her supporters for their fidelity to her campaign.

"Some may have doubted us, but we never doubted each other," she said. "And this one's for you."
Clinton tweets:

Clinton victory speech a short time ago