Harry Reid: McConnell BLOCKING Supreme Court Nominee Because He's Getting His Marching Orders From DONALD TRUMP (VIDEO)

Yeah, that's it.

We now know why Senator McConnell has decided to block any of Obama's nominations to the Supreme Court - The extremists are running the party and are giving him "marching orders"

Harry Reid took to the senate floor today to blast Republican 'obstruction.'  He says behind closed doors, Republicans are not happy with the direction the party has taken with Trump & Cruz 
"The Republican Party is unconditionally surrendering its moral compass to Donald Trump and Ted Cruz"

"Behind closed doors, my Republican colleagues like to express disappointment at the direction the party has taken, but never would they say anything publically because these extreme elements in the Party would criticize them"

"It's disappointing that Senator McConnell takes his marching orders from Donald Trump and Ted Cruz"

WATCH-This was today on the floor of the Senate