Bobby Jindal Endorses Marco Rubio: 'He's a Principled Conservative'...'Who Can Win in November'

Marco Rubio has put out a statement thanking Jindal and calling him "one of the smartest people in American politics"

(CNN)—Former Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal on Friday endorsed Florida Sen. Marco Rubio for president.

"Marco can unify our party. His optimistic message is bringing voters from across the party lines, from across different demographic groups," Jindal told Fox News' Greta Van Susteren. "He can unify our party. He can win this election in November."

"I think he's a principled conservative. I think he is the right guy to lead us forward," he added.

Jindal, who also was a candidate for president until he dropped his campaign in November, also said he was impressed by Rubio's foreign policy.

"Marco's been consistent about strengthening America's foreign policy," Jindal said. "Marco's consistently stood up to the threat of ISIS, radical Islam."