Bernie Sanders Overtakes Hillary Clinton in Colorado After Trailing Her By Double Digits

Another state....

Colorado: Hillary once led Bernie Sanders by 28 points....


Bernie Sanders has erased a double-digit deficit and pulled ahead of Hillary Clinton in Colorado, according to a Washington Free Beacon poll of voters released on Friday.

Sanders wins 49 percent support compared to Clinton’s 43 percent in the poll.
Democrats will caucus in Colorado on March 1, when voters in a dozen states hold contests.

Colorado is seen as one of the best states for Sanders to pull out a victory.

A Quinnipiac University poll in November found Sanders trailing Clinton by 28 points, but that was before a tight finish to the Iowa caucuses and a Sanders victory in New Hampshire's primary.

In the new poll from the conservative Washington Free Beacon, he is seen as the more caring candidate by a 20-point margin.

Sanders also routs Clinton among youth voters, beating her by a 46-point margin among voters under 30, including a 40-point lead among women under 30.