Ben Carson: I Am Confident I Will Win South Carolina (VIDEO)

Fresh off his DEAD LAST PLACE finish in New Hampshire last night, pulling in 2%, Ben Carson tells CNN's Jake Tapper that he's not getting out of the race and he's confident he'll carry South Carolina. I don't know about anybody else, but I'm really getting tired of the Ben Carson head fake. He's continually doing interviews saying if he just gets his message out, he'll win the next primary.

I'll say it. Ben Carson is done. He's right now sitting 28 points behind Donald Trump in South Carolina, he's in 5th place and he continues to drop. He's not going to win anywhere and has ZERO path to the nomination, he should get out of the race just like Chris Christie and Carly Fiorina did today and stop this charade.

WATCH THE INTERVIEW: Jake Tapper confronts him on his current 5th place right now in South Carolina and asks how he will win.

(Latest NBC/Marist SC)