VIDEO---> Jeb Bush Runs Ad in NH Talking About His Daughter's Addiction

A pretty good ad from JEB

Florida Gov. Jeb Bush is making a final push in New Hampshire with a new ad of him talking about his daughter's drug addiction at a town hall last week.

The 60-second ad, which debuted Wednesday, is a part of a $6.4-million ad buy for the final weeks of the primary campaign season, according to WMUR.

The ad shows Bush talking about his daughter's drug addiction, which happened when he was serving as governor of Florida. Opiate and heroin addiction have become important issues to voters in New Hampshire.

"And I have personal experience in this as a dad," Bush tells attendees of the Jan. 5 town hall. "My daughter, Noelle, was addicted to drugs. Today, I called her to tell her I was going to talk about her in this public setting. It’s not easy to do. And she said, ‘Go. Do it. I want to help.' "