VIDEO----> Donald Trump: I'm Going To Spend $2M a Week on Ads...'I Don't Want to Take Any Chances'

Trump: I'm gonna start spending even though I'm way ahead.
Watch as he talks to reporters:

After repeatedly boasting that he has spent very little on his campaign so far, Donald Trump is set to begin spending $2 million a week on ads in early primary and caucus states.

Trump told reporters Tuesday that he will begin his first major paid media campaign, which he has refused to do despite large advertising buys from his Republican rivals and the super PACs supporting them, next month. Trump, who has no authorized outside group independently backing him, appears to be finally paying heed to polls that show the GOP race tightening in Iowa.
"When I see a 40, and I see a 12 or a 13 in second, I see no reason to spend," Trump said of some recent national poll numbers on board his campaign plane. "But I feel I should spend. And honestly, I don't want to take any chances."