NBC/WSJ Poll: Donald Trump Extends His Lead Over Republican Field

Pulling away-
Up 13 points...
Trump 33%, Cruz 20%, Rubio 13%
This is an increase from last month's NBC Poll, when Trump held a 5-point advantage over Ted Cruz, 27 percent to 22 percent.
Jeb Bush way back in the pack at 5%

NBC News  
CHARLESTON, S.C.- Donald Trump has more than doubled his national lead in the Republican presidential race ahead of Thursday night's GOP debate here, according to the results from a new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll.

Trump is the first choice of 33 percent of national Republican primary voters - his highest percentage in the poll. He's followed by Ted Cruz at 20 percent, Marco Rubio at 13 percent and Ben Carson at 12 percent. Chris Christie and Jeb Bush are tied at five percent. No other Republican presidential candidate gets more than 3 percent.

In a three-way contest featuring the Top 3 Republicans in the poll, Trump gets 40 percent, Cruz 31 percent and Rubio 26 percent, underscoring the overall strengthen out of the outsider/insurgent wing of the Republican Party.

Maybe the most striking finding in this NBC/WSJ poll is the growing GOP acceptance of Trump. Back in March, only 23 percent of Republican primary voters said they could see themselves supporting the real-estate mogul. Now that number stands at 65 percent.

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