Mark Shields: Hillary Putting Chelsea Out There To Attack Sanders - "The Stupidest Act of the Year"

Mark Shields lets Clinton have it: Turning Chelsea into a political hack was dumb, reckless and stupid-


MARK SHIELDS: "It was kind of good old Bernie, until he became a threat. As Bernie rose in the polls, he became a more formidable adversary, but also a more menacing adversary.

The Clinton campaign this week, in perhaps the stupidest act of the entire year, took the one person who’s a character witness, who is a privileged observer of Hillary Clinton, who can testify about Hillary Clinton as a human being, as a mother, as a grandmother, as somebody who’s always been there, who’s been a force for decency in her life, who’s taught her and loved her, Chelsea Clinton, and turned her into a political hack.

I mean, it was just absolutely reckless and stupid. They neutralized the advantage and the value of Chelsea Clinton by turning her into an attack dog on a phony charge that Bernie Sanders, a supporter of single-payer national health insurance, is somehow going to dismantle children’s health and Medicare.

I mean, it was — it tells you how nervous, how dumb, what bad judgment there is in that campaign"