Glenn Beck Says He Prefers BERNIE SANDERS Over Trump

What? Trump is worse than Bernie Sanders? 

Glenn Beck has said so many ridiculous things like this that it is literally hard to keep up with them all.

Conservative commentator Glenn Beck on Saturday endorsed Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz. 
Beck compared Cruz to Abraham Lincoln, and gave him a compass that belonged to the first one, George Washington. “I’m taking a very big risk here and gambling on it, but this is how much I believe in Ted Cruz,” Beck said at a Cruz rally in Ankeny, Iowa. 

And if Donald Trump wins, it’s going to be a snowball to hell.” The conservative media magnate took several shots at Trump, comparing him to a progressive in the likeness of Obama.

“The other guy has said he hasn’t done anything in his life that actually makes him feel like he should ask forgiveness from God,” he said of Trump. 

He said he even prefers Sen. Bernie Sanders, a self-proclaimed “democratic socialist” running in the Democratic presidential primary, to Trump.

“Honesty, faith and truth are basic requirements. And quite honestly, I have to tell you, this probably isn’t going to go over very well, that’s why I like Bernie Sanders,” he said. “Bernie Sanders is like, ‘Yep, I’m a socialist.’

“I can actually sit at a table with a man who says, ‘Yes, I’m a socialist, and yes, I don’t like what we are doing, we should be more like Denmark,’ ” he added.