Freed Prisoner Refuses to Leave Guantanamo..."Too Frightened"

He doesn't want to give up the harsh conditions at Guantanamo, which includes cable television, a new sports center, extensive library with a wide selection of DVDs, a $750K soccer field, a prayer rug with arrows on the floor that point to Mecca, 3 meals a day, a lawyer and doctor.

NEWSER reported
 A Guantanamo Bay inmate who remained in the prison for nearly 14 years finally had his shot at freedom Wednesday—and he turned it down. While two other Gitmo prisoners boarded a plane out of Cuba Wednesday morning, Mohammed Ali Abdullah Bwazir—who Fox News says is 35 or 36 and had past ties to both al-Qaeda and the Taliban—was depressed and too "frightened" to leave the familiarity of Guantanamo and be sent to a country were he knew no one, his lawyer, John Chandler, tells the New York Times.

"I cannot discuss the details of Mr. Bwazir's decision other than to say that, yes, he declined to accept an offer for resettlement in a third country," the chief of staff for the State Department office looking to close Gitmo tells the Times. 
Bwazir had indicated as late as Tuesday night that he'd leave the prison, but he changed his mind, and now that chance is gone, Chandler tells the Times.