Fox News Poll: Hillary Clinton Drops Below 50 Percent As Her Lead Over Sanders Shrinks


One of the reasons for Clinton’s slump in the polls is, in part because of her drop in support among black voters. While 67 percent support her today in this Fox Poll, that’s down from 84 percent in December. A drop of 17 points.

Fox News
Hillary Clinton’s lead in the Democratic primary race has narrowed to its slimmest margin yet.

The front-runner’s support has slipped under 50 percent, and cracks may be appearing in what some called her “firewall” -- the African-American voter bloc.

Here are the numbers from the latest Fox News national poll:

Forty-nine percent of Democratic primary voters now support Clinton -- down from 54 percent two weeks ago.

Bernie Sanders also drops -- by two points -- to 37 percent. Martin O’Malley, down two ticks as well, gets 1 percent.

Ten percent are undecided -- a sign the race is more fluid than it seemed two weeks ago when only two percent were undecided.

Last June, Clinton held a 46-point lead over Sanders. Since then, Sanders’s support has grown slowly but steadily, while Clinton’s support has ebbed and recovered once -- and now appears in danger of another reversal