Democrat Alan Grayson Will Play the Birther Card and File a Lawsuit if Ted Cruz Gets the GOP Nomination

It's our old buddy Alan Grayson.

Grayson says Cruz' mother lost her U.S. citizenship by becoming a Canadian citizen and taking the oath, making Ted Cruz ineligible.

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Donald Trump made Ted Cruz's citizenship a household conversation, but it's Democratic Florida Rep. Alan Grayson who will challenge the Texas senator's eligibility to run for president. If Cruz wins the Republican nomination, that is.

Grayson, an attorney and candidate for the Senate seat Marco Rubio is vacating, told U.S. News and The Hill newspaper he will file a lawsuit challenging Cruz’s eligibility if Cruz overtakes Trump

A lawsuit is a concern for Republicans and could make a mess of the election -- as Trump has said, "hog-tying Cruz with a years-long legal challenge.
If he’s not qualified to be president according to our Constitution, then he certainly should not serve,” "There’s quite a lot of stuff here.” Grayson says
Besides the question of whether Cruz’s birth in Canada disqualifies him from being considered a natural-born citizen  -- he notes there’s disagreement about whether both parents of U.S. citizens born overseas must be citizens.

And what about Cruz’s mother, Eleanor Cruz?

Grayson says Eleanor Cruz may have forfeited her U.S. citizenship by taking a Canadian oath of citizenship, and that he’s seen no evidence she actually was born in the U.S.
“If his mother, who clearly worked in Canada for years and years, did so while becoming a Canadian citizen and taking an oath, which is how you do it in Canada, she lost her citizenship by U.S. law, specifically Section 349 of the Immigration and Nationality Act.”
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