CAUGHT IN ANOTHER LIE: Hillary Claims Supporter Told Her A Story About Emails YESTERDAY, But Clinton Used SAME STORY 3 WEEKS AGO In Interview With Iowa Newspaper

BUSTED by Fox News

Hillary claims that a supporter she was shaking hands with yesterday after a rally told her a story about her emails, but it turns out that Hillary used the EXACT SAME story back on January 11th in an interview with the Des Moines Register.


Ed Henry has the side-by-side video in this report from Fox News
Hillary exposed once again...

Hillary today: "The best explanation of this I heard was yesterday from a man I was shaking hands with.  He said, "This is like you drive through the same intersection for 4 years and the speed limit is 35 and you move out of town and they change the speed limit to 25 and they start sending ticket to people"

Hillary 3 weeks ago:  "This would be like somebody in the Dept. of Transportation setting speed limits...and the speed limit was 35, then retroactively, the police say, that speed limit should have been 25..."

How long until the Clinton campaign releases a statement saying Hillary 'misspoke'????