Bernie Sanders Opens Up a Whopping 27 Point Lead Over Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire

Pulling away---

Bernie Sanders 60%, Hillary Clinton 33% -WMUR Poll

Sanders now leads (big) in 6 of the last 7 polls in NH

ABC News
Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders has opened up his widest lead yet over rival Hillary Clinton in the crucial state of New Hampshire, according to a new poll released Tuesday.

The new WMUR/CNN poll out this afternoon shows the Vermont lawmaker with a whopping 27-point lead over the former Secretary of State -- 60-33 percent. That’s a climb of 10 percentage points for Sanders since mid-December and a drop of 7 points for Clinton.

 It marks Sanders’ highest support and widest lead in any poll in any state so far. His popularity in the state is also sky-high, earning a 91 percent favorability rating among Democrats there.

In addition to a full slate of town halls, rallies and organizing events, Clinton has deployed high-profile surrogates like actress Lena Dunham, Sen. Al Franken and women’s tennis legend Billy Jean King – who made several stops along the Vermont border where Sanders is most popular.

"This poll suggests that our campaign has real momentum and that the American people want to go beyond establishment politics and establishment economics. But it’s just a poll and we take nothing for granted,” said Jeff Weaver, Sanders’ national campaign manager.