VIDEO----> Trump Attacks...Trey Gowdy?

Is there anybody on our side who does not think Trey Gowdy is a superstar? Someone who has made mincemeat out of many who were brought before the House Oversight Committee, including Lois Lerner, IRS Commissioner Koskinen, The head of the Secret Service, ICE officials, DHS officials, Planned Parenthood and many, many others?

Well, Trump has a problem with Gowdy, of course. Why? Trey Gowdy endorsed Marco Rubio for President and not him.

So Trump, on Fox News today, goes after Gowdy and says his Benghazi hearings 'were a disaster' that were 'bad for the country'

Watch the video here of Trump - The only guy on the planet who praises Vladimir Putin and slams Trey Gowdy.