VIDEO---> New Ted Cruz Ad Running in Iowa: 'Victories'

Target: Evangelical Christian Conservatives in Iowa...

Excellent ad-

Increasing his presence on television screens in Iowa, Senator Ted Cruz released a new ad, titled “Victories,” portraying him as a successful fighter for conservative causes.

Black-and-white photographs of a white cross in the Mojave Desert (“Defended the cross. And won,” a caption declares), a Ten Commandments monument outside a statehouse (“Protected the Ten Commandments. And won.”), armed hunters silhouetted against the sky (“Fought for the Second Amendment. And won.”) and a girl with her hand over her heart (“Stood up for the Pledge of Allegiance. And won.”). Reverb-soaked guitar licks provide the only sound. Mr. Cruz is seen only briefly, in a photograph, gazing intently off-screen, as the words “Trust Ted” appear in white and red, then merge into one word: “Trusted.