VIDEO----> John Kasich New Ad Attacks Jeb Bush?

We now have the most bizarre ad of the 2016 election cycle...

This is from the official John Kasich for President YouTube page.

Did I miss something? Is Jeb Bush leading in some national polls? Is he leading in uhhhh, the State of Ohio?


Jeb Bush is at 3% nationally and at 4% in Ohio, a campaign that's gone exactly nowhere in the last 4 months.

So John Kasich puts out a new attack ad, hammering Trump? No. He's going after Bush for some reason, using old a bizarre mix of 70s & 80s products including the Sony Betamax, the AMC Pacer (from 1978)  and Colecovision, all while the theme to 'Dynasty' (canceled in 1991) plays in the background.

Watch the new video here-