VIDEO----> Glenn Beck Not Sure if Trump Would Be Any Better Than Hillary Clinton as President

This is the kind of stuff that just frosts me about Beck. He despises Trump so bad that he tosses out these sidewinders saying he's not sure if Trump would be any better than Hillary. He can't just come out, endorse Ted Cruz (who he's obviously supporting) and say Donald Trump is the wrong choice for America, he has to try to destroy Trump. If you listen to his radio show, like I have since 2001, it has been 'shock and awe' against Trump for the last 6 months.  After a while of the constant attacks, you just get tired of listening to it, which is one of the reasons why I find myself switching over to Mike Gallagher when tuning into talk radio in the morning.

I'm not the biggest Trump fan, I'm not the biggest Trump critic, but to say Trump might not be any better than Hillary Clinton is absolutely, positively absurd.

This is Beck on 'The Kelly File' last night-- (listen to the 40 second mark)


Trump on Twitter last night says Beck asked him to be on his show