VIDEO----> Chris Christie Calls on Hillary Clinton to Suspend Her Campaign Over ISIS Comments

'We're were we need to be...'

Chris Christie on Tuesday suggested that Hillary Clinton suspend her campaign, saying that the Democratic front-runner needs to go to Paris and repeat her line that the U.S. is "finally ... where we need to be" in the fight against Islamic State.

Appearing on "Fox and Friends" from his campaign bus in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, Christie alluded to reported remarks from President Barack Obama, who said that he does not watch enough cable news to quickly understand the extent of Americans' anxiety about terrorism.

"Bad news," Christie commented. "And secondly, you had Hillary Clinton the other night saying that we’re exactly where we want to be on ISIS. Here’s my suggestion to her: suspend your campaign, get on a plane to Paris, and go and look in the eyes of the families of those dead victims and tell them we’re exactly where we want to be on ISIS."