Ted Cruz: Trump Would Have a Place in My Administration

I don't think Trump would accept a position in anybody else's administration and certainly wouldn't never take the VP job.

If he gets elected president, Ted Cruz could have a message for Donald Trump: you’re hired.

The Texas senator lauded his GOP presidential rival’s negotiating skills in an interview published Tuesday and said he’d love to bring him into his administration to help make trade deals.

“There is no doubt that Donald Trump would be a phenomenal negotiator with China and if you look at TPP - I have come out against TPP, it is an incredibly long and complicated mess of a bill,” Cruz said during an interview with Brietbart News.
“There is no doubt that Trump would be a tremendously effective negotiator to help open up foreign markets.”

While other Republicans and Dems both are slamming Trump for his proposed ban on Muslims entering the U.S., Cruz has voiced disagreement with the plan but refrained from attacking the GOP front-runner. The Brietbart piece notes that Cruz said during a radio interview last week that he’d “absolutely” hire Trump to build a wall along the southern border