Only 34 Christian Syrian Refugees Admitted Into U.S. in Last 4 Years


newsmax reported
The United States has let in a shockingly small number of Christian refugees from Syria — just 34 — in the four years since a civil war broke out there and the Islamic State began its campaign of mass slaughter.

The just-released figures from the State Department show the paltry number accounts for only 2 percent of the 2,100 Syrian refugees the U.S. has accepted.

That is "disproportionately smaller than the 10 percent of Syrians who are Christian," The Hill reports.

Many conservatives are furious at the miniscule amount of Christian Syrian refugees that have been admitted, especially with the ongoing murders being conducted by the Islamic State.

Politics within Syria and across the Middle East are partially responsible for the low number, analysts tell The Hill, although some conservatives blame the United Nations.