New Google Chrome Extension Blocks Out Everything Related to Donald Trump

(Screen Grab)

NEW YORK -- An extension for Google Chrome has been created to remove mentions of Donald Trump from browsers.

On Trump Filter’s website, creator Rob Spectre said the extension it searches web pages for references to the 2016 Republican presidential candidate and “makes those references disappear with three adjustable levels of severity.”

Spectre added that he created the extension “out of a profound sense of annoyance and patriotic duty,” and that he is not making money from his extension.

The filter will remove content based on three levels of sensitivity set by the user: "mild," "aggressive" and "vindictive."

On his website, Spectre said he made the Trump Filter by adapting an extension he wrote a few years back to remove stories about Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter.
Watch the video- The extension replaces the words 'Donald Trump' with blank spaces