Jake Tapper: 'Absolutely' DNC Is Burying Debates to Help Hillary Clinton

Tapper: They are scheduling debates on Saturday night? It no secret the DNC is going after a small audience.

CNN’s Jake Tapper hit the nail on the head when he said the reason the DNC has held a limited number of presidential debates is because of one reason – to protect and help Democrat presidential candidate frontrunner Hilary Clinton.

During a CNN panel discussion on Friday afternoon's CNN Newsroom on the Bernie Sanders campaign snafu regarding a breach of voter data, Tapper told Wolf Blitzer that although the Sanders campaign is guilty of the breach by their own admission - they do have legitimate concerns with the DNC, and pointed out that the debates have “been scheduled on Saturday nights, when viewership is the smallest.”

 For their part, the DNC maintains the debates are limited in order for voters to view the candidates in different forums