Huckabee Campaign Cuts Staff Salaries

Not looking good for Huck. Iowa is a must win for him but the latest polling shows he's not even in the running, (not even close) 2 polls conducted this month, a Quinnipiac and a Fox News poll show him only getting a measly 1% in Iowa, in 9th place.

POLITICO’s Daniel Strauss reports:
Mike Huckabee presidential campaign, struggling with its low standing in the polls and underwhelming fundraising, slashed the salaries of senior staffers amid the departure of its top communications aide.

The salary reductions took place over the past few weeks, according to multiple Republican sources familiar with the Huckabee campaign's operations. The reductions were limited to senior staff, according to Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the candidate's daughter and campaign manager.

 Huckabee Sanders told POLITICO that the salary cuts would help facilitate the campaign's redirection of resources toward Iowa, where the former Arkansas governor is hoping to replicate his 2008 victory.

As of Thursday, the campaign has 13 full-time paid staffers in Iowa. It will add at least five in another week or so and tack on a few more in the new year. "Right now our goal is we're going to put a lot of our resources into Iowa, and that's what we're doing," Huckabee Sanders said. "Obviously, if we go to Iowa and lose — well frankly we probably won't keep going."