Elementary School Basketball Coach Asked to Stop Praying With Team After PHOTO Surfaces

Head Coach decides to join prayer circle with his team....
Enter far-left Stormtroopers---

An Indiana basketball coach was asked to stop participating in a team prayer circle after school officials received an e-mail condemning the practice.

Scott Spahr was photographed standing at center court holding hands and bowing his head in prayer alongside the Morristown Elementary School girls' basketball team and the opposing team from Waldron Elementary on Dec. 1. Principals from both schools received an e-mail from the American Humanist Association last Friday asserting Spahr's presence was "a constitutional violation." Spahr agreed to stop participating in the prayer circle after being notified of the complaints.

The AHA strives to "bring about a progressive society where being good without God is an accepted and respected way to live life," according to its website.

ABC News obtained a copy of the message written by AHA legal director David Niose, which says, "staff participation in prayers with students at school events is impermissible as it conveys an endorsement of religion and creates a coercive atmosphere where children may feel pressured to participate in religious activity."
The school district’s parent-committee Facebook page has been flooded with upset community members who support the tradition of praying before games.

Watch the video report and the reaction from some parents--