Bernie Sanders Says He’s Already Started Writing His Inaugural Address

Good luck with that...

'Not sure about Hillary, but I'm pretty confident this buffoon will never be President of the United States...

huffpo reported:
PORTSMOUTH, N.H. -- He may be a big underdog against Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton, but Sen. Bernie Sanders  hasn't let the challenging odds stop him from drafting what would be his first speech as president.

During an interview this week on a jam-packed day of campaign events around the New Hampshire Seacoast region, HuffPost asked the 2016 Democratic White House contender if he’s been preparing himself mentally for the possibility that he could become president.

“Have I started writing my inauguration speech, as opposed to the speech I have to give tomorrow?” Sanders replied. “Look, the answer is yes. It is a very sobering thing to be thinking about oneself as president of the United States and the enormous responsibilities that go with that.”

Though he trails Clinton in the polls nationally and in every other state, Sanders has led the former secretary of state in several recent New Hampshire surveys