VIDEO---> O'Reilly Explains Why Republican Outsiders Are Dominating in the Polls

Bill O'Reilly wondered if the U.S. is in good shape or going down the drain, and how that could impact the 2016 presidential race.

He said that Americans want an "avenger," not just a politician, and that's why two outsiders are leading in the latest polls.

O'Reilly noted that in the new NBC News/Wall Street Journal survey, Ben Carson stands at 29 percent, with Donald Trump in second place at 23 percent.

O'Reilly said that both Carson and Trump believe America is in serious trouble, which is resonating with the American people.

He explained that significant problems facing the country include an impotent Congress, an unsecured southern border, the threat of radical Islamic terror and a national debt that will soon hit $20 trillion under President Obama.