Super PAC Supporting Lindsey Graham Fires Back at Debate Snub (VIDEO)

Their complaint is legit. If the undercard debate (as of now) consists of only 4 candidates, Lindsey Graham, whatever you think of him, should have gotten an invitation. It is the reason they had the early debate in the first place.

NEW AD: "The only veteran in the field has been silenced"

The super PAC supporting Sen. Lindsey Graham for president is ticked off that the Tuesday debate in Milwaukee, the day before Veterans Day, won’t include the only military veteran in the Republican field.

Graham, the third-term South Carolina senator with 33 years of military service, was eliminated from the Fox Business Network/The Wall Street Journal debates because of his low standing in national polls.

The PAC, Security is Strength, is running a 30-second television ad in Wisconsin, Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina and on four national networks complaining about the “snubbing.”