Sununu: If Donald Trump Is the Nominee, the GOP Will Lose The Senate, The House and Presidency

John Sununu not a Trump fan...

In an interview Monday on "The Steve Malzberg Show," John Sununu, who served as former chief of staff to President George H.W. Bush and has written a book about his presidency, "The Quiet Man," says the New Hampshire Union Leader's publisher Joseph McQuaid's endorsement was "looking at the Trump phenomenon and really understanding how disastrous it is."

"He's sending a broader message than just endorsing Christie," Sununu says of the newspaper's support.

"The message he's sending is you got to start choosing — America and the Republican primary voters — have got to start choosing amongst candidates who not only have tough rhetoric, but who are capable of understanding what they're saying and understanding how to implement what they're saying."
Sununu declares if front-runner Donald Trump becomes the GOP presidential nominee, "we lose the Senate, we lose most of the House, and we lose the presidency."

"Trump's hot rhetoric has attracted a slice of the electorate," Sununu says. "Whether people understand it or not, it's still a little early, although the clock is running late — later than usual – and that's one of the reasons McQuaid acted now."