Martin O'Malley Campaign Reduces Staff, Shifts Resources to Iowa

Running out of funds...

MSNBC Reported:
Martin O’Malley’s financially strapped presidential campaign is reallocating resources to reduce the size of its headquarters staff and focus on the early presidential nominating states, especially Iowa, according to sources.

The former Maryland governor has been mired in the low single-digits in polls and struggled to raise the money necessary to support his relatively large operation. After Saturday night’s Democratic presidential debate in Iowa, O’Malley’s staff was alerted there would be a shift away from the campaign’s Baltimore headquarters to its field operations in the early states.

All staffers will be given the option to transition, but overall headcount could fall depending on how many chose to ship out. “We’re pushing all resources and HQ staff to early states. Everyone from HQ who goes to an early state will be on payroll,” said a campaign official.

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