Kasich: Trump Is Not Going to Be the Nominee

Kasich: Trump won't last

Ohio Gov. John Kasich is refusing to say whether he would endorse fellow GOP candidate Donald Trump if the billionaire becomes the Republican nominee for president.

"He's not going to [be the nominee]. So we're not even going to go there," Kasich said on ABC

All the other Republicans running for president have publicly declared that they will support the party's eventual nominee, but Kasich -- whose super-PAC is running the toughest attack ads against Trump -- is unwilling to say that he would support the GOP front-runner.

Pressed repeatedly on whether he would support Trump if he becomes the Republican presidential nominee, Kasich continued to deflect the question.  "He's not going to be the nominee... because, at the end, look, he may have 20 percent of the vote," Kasich said. "But he's got 80 percent of Republicans who don't support him. And somebody has to call him out on this kind of divisive language."

"I think he's very divisive and I do not believe he will last," Kasich added