Jeb Bush on Marco Rubio: "I'm a Better Bet" Against Hillary Clinton

Jeb: I'm tested, Marco is not

Bush argued Wednesday that he'd be a "better bet" than Marco Rubio in a general election matchup against Hillary Clinton, but he appeared to be at odds with his own super PAC over a potential attack strategy against the Florida senator.

Speaking to reporters after holding a town hall here, Bush was asked whether he thinks Rubio, whose relationship with the former Florida governor goes back more than a decade, could beat Clinton next November.

"I'm a better bet," Bush said. "I got a proven record and I campaign in a way that's based on that record and based on ideas that I've had. I've been vetted. I've been tested. I'm an open book."

He argued Clinton wasn't as transparent and Republicans need to put up a nominee that can compete with her background