Dem Senator Feinstein: Obama's Approach to ISIS 'Not Sufficient To The Job'

Another jab at the Obama Adm. from Feinstein

Sen. Dianne Feinstein continued to be a thorn in the WH's side on the issue of fighting ISIS, saying Sunday on CBS that the Obama administration’s approach is not “sufficient to the job.”

FTN host John Dickerson asked whether her earlier concerns about the administration’s strategy had been alleviated by a briefing from Secretary of State John Kerry.

“No, I don’t think the approach is sufficient to the job,“ Feinstein said on Face The Nation. “I think their general principles and their general principles in terms of the administration’s strategy, too, but I’m concerned that we don’t have the time, and we don’t have years. We need to be aggressive now, because ISIL is a quasi-state.”