CIA Agent Warns Attack on America Could Come 'Within the Next Two Weeks' (VIDEO)

Copycat terrorist linked to ISIS could hit soft targets in the U.S. soon according to Morten Storm-
He talks to Fox News Megyn:

A former member of Al Qaeda in Yemen warned Tuesday that a terror attack is likely within the next two weeks.

Morten Storm, an ex-terrorist who later became a double agent for the CIA, told Fox News host Megyn Kelly that he believes an attack is imminent.

“I believe that within the next two weeks, we will have an attack,” he said. Storm added, “The people who are on the run at the moment from ISIS in Europe are very desperate, and they know their time’s up, and they will need to do as much damage as possible.”

The ex-terrorist said an attack on American soil could happen, but would be a “bit different” because of the security precautions currently in place.

“And I also believe that copycats in America will do their best to do what their brothers have done in Europe,” Storm said. via theblaze