Brokaw: Obama Has Shown 'Benign Neglect' Toward The Continuing Expansion of ISIS

NBC News special correspondent Tom Brokaw accused President Obama of demonstrating “benign neglect” toward the expansion of the Islamic State terrorist organization Sunday on Meet The Press.

This comes after a week in which Obama received sharp criticism from across the political spectrum for his response to the Paris terrorist attacks carried out by IS, as well as his insistence that he had the “right strategy” to fight the organization and that IS was “contained.”Obama grew impatient with reporters when asked repeatedly about his earlier underestimations of IS and whether he knew the right way to destroy the organization.

“The fact is, that the president with what I would call kind of benign neglect about the continuing expansion of ISIS, the more sophistication [sic] of it all the time, has to come to a halt,” Brokaw said.