$500K Dropped in Salvation Army Red Kettle in Minnesota (VIDEO)

PHOTO of the Check--

NBC News
Call it paying it forward — big time. A Minnesota couple — who at one time lived on discarded food — quietly put a personal check for $500,000 into a Salvation Army kettle located outside a grocery store in a Twin Cities suburb over the weekend.

The emblematic red kettle, which the humanitarian organization have set up in public places to solicit donations across the globe for decades, was placed outside a Cub Foods in Rosemount, Minn. — a town about twenty miles outside of Minneapolis/St. Paul.

At the time, the kettle was being manned by volunteers from the Rosemount Fire Department. When the couple dropped in their check, the firefighters were unaware that the donation had been made and only hours later realized the bounty they had stumbled across, Salvation Army Northern Division spokeswoman Julie Borgen told NBC News.

Each of the 575 kettle locations across the Twin Cities metro area averages about $30 in donations per hour


Record $500,000 Check Found In Salvation Army... by GeoBeats