VIDEO---> Jeb Bush Releases New Ad Hammering Hillary Clinton's 'Failed Agenda'

He should be putting ads out like this every few days.

Jeb Bush's campaign released a hard-hitting video against one of his rivals, but it's not someone who will be on the stage Wednesday night.

The highly-produced video goes after Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton, portraying her as a "third-term Obama," with ominous music playing in the background.

Video of trash on the ground, homelessness and smoke in the air are just some of the images that are seen while juxtaposed with footage from Clinton in the Democratic debate.

The 1:45 minute video, "Failed Agenda," shows a clip of Clinton giving Obama the letter grade of "A" and praising the executive action he's taken on immigration, vowing, as she did in the debate, to go even "further" on the issue.