Resident Files Complaint Over Veterans Memorial Because of One Word....

Here is that offensive word on the memorial.....

A monument honoring veterans could mean a lawsuit for the town of Oldenberg, Indiana.

The stone monument, which sits on public property right outside Oldenberg Town Hall, pays tribute to five branches of the military.

But that wasn’t Steve Kristoff’s issue with the monument. It was the cross at the top and the word “GOD” included with “COUNTRY,” “HONOR,” and “DUTY” inscribed across the bottom.

Councilman Denny Moeller said Kristoff, who lives in Oldenberg, issued a complaint with the town council.

“He’s saying that there are other people out there who are non-believers that could see that and be offended by it, as well” Moeller said.

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One person complained, now this thing may have to come down or be moved.

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