Records Show Ben Carson Not Registered As A Republican Until Last Year

Ben Carson became a Republican on (wait for it) October 31, 2014...

OMG. For those of us who think Ben Carson may be one of the top 10 doctors in the last 50 years but--- is simply not ready to be President of the United States, why don't just make Dr. Ben Carson U.S. Surgeon General if a Republican wins the White House  next year, and if he wants to run again for Prez. in 4 or 8 years let him do so.

He is not ready to be president today.

Republican presidential front runner Donald Trump has received a lot of scrutiny for donating to Democratic politicians in the past. But Republican primary voters may be curious to know why one of his chief rivals, Dr. Ben Carson, officially joined the Republican Party less than one year ago.

The American Mirror has obtained several public records that show Dr. Ben Carson, one of Trump’s chief rivals, did not affiliate with the Republican Party until he changed his voter registration on October 31, 2014.

Carson filed this “record update/change” on that date to change his party affiliation to “Republican Party of Florida” — less than six months before declaring his candidacy for the Republican nomination for President