New CBS/NYT Poll Shows Ben Carson Leading Donald Trump For the First Time Nationally

Ben Carson 26%, Donald Trump 22%

For the first time in months, a national poll shows Donald Trump is not leading the Republican 2016 primary race, and instead has Ben Carson in first place.

Carson won the support of 26% of Republican primary voters, compared to 22% who are backing Trump, according to CBS News/New York Times. Though within the poll's margin of error, it marks the first time since the billionaire businessman's dominant rise over the summer where he has been bumped from the top spot nationally.

The new numbers also represent a reversal from the last CBS/New York Times poll, taken more than a month ago, which saw Trump leading Carson 27%-23%.

The most recent CBS/New York Times poll surveyed 575 Republican primary voters and carries a 6-percentage-point margin of error.

Major Garrett on the new poll: "Trump has lost ground in every single demographic group"..."Ben Carson has gained"...

Here's what I worry about....

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