Jeb Bush's Son: Rubio Should Drop Out

Rubio isn't going anywhere...

Jeb Bush's son is taking a shot at Sen. Marco Rubio , one of his father's rivals for the Republican presidential nomination.

"As a Floridian, I'm a little disappointed, because he's missing, like, 35 percent of his votes," Jeb Bush Jr. said of Rubio's Senate attendance before an audience of college students Thursday afternoon, Politico reported.

"And it's just, kind of, like, dude, you know, either drop out or do something, but we're paying you to do something. It ain't run for president," he added, speaking to more than two dozen Republicans at New York University.

"We're way ahead of Marco's campaign," Bush said, according to the newspaper. "We've got four offices set up in Florida. Our national headquarters is there. Marco doesn't have an office in Florida."

The comments reflect an increasingly testy relationship between the Bush and Rubio camps amid pressure to raise funds and climb in the polls ahead of the third GOP debate later this month.